Rain On – The Lost Session 2022 (1999) (Pama Records) ( Read about it HERE )

Sven Z Trio: Live in Kopparberg, 2016 (Limited edition)

Something For Everybody, 2016 (Gamlestans Grammofonbolag)

Mileage, 2012 (Borderline)

Grounded In Reality, 2010 (Borderline)

Hollerin’ Up A Storm, 2007 (Border Music)

Southern Soul Agenda, 2006 (Borderline)

Soul Of A Man, 2004 (Amigo) kokoelmalevy

Moving In The Right Direction, 2004 (Last Buzz)

Let Me Get Over It, 2001 (Last Buzz)

Blues From Within, 1999 (Amigo)

Chicago Express: Steppin’ Out Alive, 1996 (Amigo)

Chicago Express: Permanently Blue, 1995 (Amigo)

Chicago Express: Watch Your Step, 1991 (Amigo)

Chicago Express: The Blue Soulution, 1990 (Amigo)

Chicago Blues Meeting: Snake In My Bedroom, 1988 (Red Lightning)

Chicago Blues Meeting, 1984 (Strawberry)

Bluesmeeting In Chicago, 1983 (Strawberry)

Four Roosters: Rooster Blues, 1982 (Hot Club)

Blue Fire, 1978 (Mistlur)

Telge Blues, 1975 (Philips)


Heartache Was All You Got/Song From A Worried Heart, 2004 (Gold Soul, England)

The Reason/A Tribute To Peter Green, 1980 (Södertälje Musikforum)


Song From A Worried Heart/Moving In The Right Direction, 2003 (Last Buzz)

A Selection of Side Projects/Compilation Albums that Sven participated in with one or more songs : 

Volume 5. Big Band Splash, 2017 (Wime)

VA: Farther On Up The Road: Last Buzz Records Co 40 Years, 2016 (Last Buzz)

VA: Oslo Bluesklubb  20 år, 2015 (Big H)

The Stockholm Sessions. J Åsling Roots & Friends, 2015 (Do Music)

It Ain’t Fair. Johnny & Friends, 2015 (RCR)

40 Years. Mönsterås Bluesband, 2014 (Pama)

Play By The Rules. JT Lauritsen & Friends, 2013 (Hunters)

Trickbag With Friends. Trickbag, 2013 (Magic)

VA: Don’t You Know? The Last Buzz! 1978-2012, 2012 (Last Buzz)

Goin’ Downtown. Trickbag, 2011 (Magic)

Numero Uno! The Beat From Palookaville, 2011 (Enviken)

Kid Man Blues. Bert Deivert, 2011 (Hard Danger)

Chapels And Bars. Rita Engedalen, 2011 (Bluestown)

L.O.V.E. Billy T. Band, 2010 (Big H)

Another Apple. Big Band Splash, 2010 (Wime)

Blues And Joys. Sivert Bramstedt, 2009 (Rootsy)

VA: Blue Midnight – Last Buzz 30 Years, Vol Two, 2009 (Last Buzz)

VA: Before I Grow Too Old – Last Buzz 30 Years, 2008 (Last Buzz)

Swing & Roundabouts. The Emersons, 2008 (Wime)

VA: CeePeeVee Records: 10th Year Anniversary, 2007 (CeePeeVee)

Family Meeting. Wentus Blues Band, 2007 (Ruf)

Jacob Nordgren Bid Band Splash, 2005 (Wide Meadow)

VA: Bra dagar – En skiva till Totta, 2006 (EMI)

VA: Big City Rhythm Vol 1 & 2, 2006 (CeePeeVee)

VA: Soul Folks – The Sam Cooke Concerts, 2005 (Legal)

Reconsider Me. Johan Blohm, 2005 (Rival/Bam)

VA: Where It All Got Started – Back To Their Roots 2004 (CeePeeVee)

VA: Rendezvouz. Albert Lee, Geraint Watkins, Pete Wingfield with others, 2004 (Darrow)

Family Album. Wentus Blues Band, 2004 (Bluelight)

VA: Notodden Blues Festival: The Best Of People And Blues, Vol 3, 2004 (Bluestown)

VA: Let’s Go Boppin! 25 Years Anniversary Of Last Buzz Records Vol 2, 2003 (Last Buzz)

Second Jive. Per And The Ouagadougou Blues Quartet, 2004 (Pama)

Blue Tango. Young Guns Blues Band, 2001 (Scana)

VA: Horton’s Briefcase, 2000 (CeePeeVee/Amigo)

The Wig Flipper. Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather, 2000 (Last Buzz)

VA: Fjellis – Till och från en blå man, 1999 (Playground)

Sub. Knut Reiersrud, 1999 (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)

VA: All That Blues From Sweden Vol 2, 1998 (Kommunikation/Jefferson)

Soul Of A Man. Knut Reiersrud, 1998 (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)

Big Time. Jukka Tolonen, 1997 (Vasco Da Gama)

VA: Scandinavian Blues BBQ, 1996 (Blues Bonnet)

I en tid som vår. Marie Fredriksson, 1996 (EMI)

Rock’n’Bowl. The Instigators, 1996 (Flex-A-Tone)

VA: All That Blues From Sweden Vol 1, 1993 (Kommunikation/Jefferson)

Pickin’ Up The Spirit. Marianne Antonsen, 1992 (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)

Do The Pikehead. Sweet Pain, 1994 EP (Siljum)

Once A Lover, Twice A Fool. Sweet Pain, 1994 single (Siljum)

Alone Too Long. Steinar Albrigtsen, 1990 (Norsk Plateproduktion)

Blås ut mitt månljus. Rolf Wikströms Hjärtslag, 1986 (Nacksving)

Why Change? Red Hot Max, 1986 (SunJay)

Frostbite Blues. Göran Wiklund, 1984 (a disc)

VA: Blues Around The Clock – Mälardalsblues volym ett, 1983 (Pipaluck)