Three tracks from the album Rain On – The Lost Session.

1 Rain On

2 Start From Scratch

3 Good Things Don’t Happen Every Day


And here are some tracks from the new album ”Something For Everyone”.


1 Cry To Me

2 Writer’s Block

3 Don´t Ever Leave Me

4 The Small Talk Days Are Over


Three tracks from the album Mileage.

1 Love Can Go Wrong

2 Tall, Dangerous and Drunk

3 I’m Gonna Change


Here are a couple of more songs you can listen to.

1 Jukejoint

2 Mr Nobody

3 Too Old

4 Today I Started Loving You Again

5 Why Dont You Like


… and here are three songs from Svens ”Grounded In Reality”.

1 Your heart is just a frigidaire

2 This is better

3 A risky lifestyle