Welcome to the site for Sven Zetterberg! 


Unfortunately Sven has left us, leaving a space that can not be filled. But he has also left a huge amount of music and memories in all of us, and they will remain for shure.

I made a little video with images of Sven that I have taken thru the years, together wit a song, Sven recorded in my home in the nineties. We did a lot of demo recordings for a band we had called Sweet Pain ( Blues, Soul andCountry ).

-Pelle Piano


This year – 2016 – I´m celebrating my 44th anniversary as a live performing artist. On the 28th of March I became 64 years old.

I have had a new album released this year – ”Something for Everybody” and I am happy for the flattering reviews it has received both in Sweden and abroad. Anders Lewen did a marvellous job producing the album. He was also involved in the songwriting together with me.The album is out in the shops and on Spotify.

About the bands:

In my main band, The Sven Zetterberg Blues Band, I have the pleasure of playing with my close, super professional colleagues since many years back. They are Anders Lewen or Thomas Hammarlund on guitar, Mikael Fahleryd on bass, Jim Ingvarsson on drums and Matti Ollikainen or Calle Brickman on keyboards. What we play mostly, could be desribed as a mixture of Old School Blues and Southern Soul.

My other band, Sven Z Trio, is more of a juke joint sounding constellation with a more harsh and raw bluesy sound. We are Little Hank on guitar, Stefan Sundlöf on drums and myself on guitar, harp and vocal. We share a history of over forty years of playing together, starting with our first big success, Telge Blues and continuing with, among others, Chicago Express. We will be playing gigs every now and then all over Scandinavia this year.

It is the end of the year and time for the Blue Xmas Tour. The band that will be touring Sweden with me and KnockOutGreg (vocal,harmonica and guitar) are The Rockarounds, that is Micke Finell: saxophone,guitar, Ingemar Dunker: drums, Janne Oldaeus: guitar and Tommy Cassemar: bass. The repertoire will consist of Blues and Soul and Rock and Roll, all with a true Christmas twist.

So welcome to our gigs. I am going to keep on playing and performing. It is what keeps me going. That´s what my life is all about.
Yours sincerely,

Sven Zetterberg