Rain On – new album with unreleased material by Sven Zetterberg out in March, 2022  ( 3 tracks are on the Music page )

Sven’s successful first solo album Blues From Within had been recorded at Pama Studios in Kristianopel, Sweden in 1998. Sven returned to Pama Studios the following year to record his next album. The musicians he had with him at the studio were Bosse Skoglund on drums, Matti Ollikainen on piano, Mikael Fahleryd on bass and Calle Engström on guitar. The recordings were never released at the time.

Producer Katri Oksanen searched for and found that material and it has now been worked on and is ready to be released. The album Rain On is out on March 28th, 2022 – it would have been Sven’s 70th birthday.

–       Sven’s singing has the main role on the album Rain On – I wanted to put the album together with songs that really lift Sven’s voice and tone, his amazing talent as a singer. Sven is sorely missed in the blues community, so it feels very special to be able to come out with this album now. The material consists of six songs of Sven’s and five superb covers. A fine detail is that we have Sven’s friend Kim Wilson featuring on the album. He recorded his harmonica on two of the songs to complete them, says Katri Oksanen.

The album can be purchased here https://pamaproaudio.com/zetterberg/